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Steve Onicas Gaddis, born April 10, 1975, was 10 of 12 children born to his mother Mattie. He was placed into foster care at an early age, along with three other siblings. Conditions in his first foster home were appalling. Most can only imagine living with constant whippings, starvation, and scrounging for scraps thrown outside for the dogs. After several attempts to take his own life, Onicas was taken from the home.  Throughout his remaining childhood and early teen years, he was placed in several different group homes.  "Besides God, art has been the one thing that never left me. I was put on this earth to create art, and to show kids that grow up in foster care, just because we had a ‘bad’ start to life, doesn't mean our entire lives have to be ruined." ~ ONICAS GADDIS -

Who Am I?

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  • If my story saves one person that ages out of the foster care system from a life of crime, drugs, etc..., then all the pain and suffering I went through will be worth it.

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