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Just at the tender age of 7 years old, Richard Spoon discovered his talent for the culinary arts by cooking for his parents to obtain badges for the Scouts.


Chef Richard Spoon became the youngest chef at 26 years old, having explored from California to Trinidad in the Caribbean. Aside from earning his first Associates Degree in Business, he became a certified Hotel Administrator. Chef Richard Spoon furthered his culinary knowledge at Northeastern University in Boston, and obtained an AA in Culinary Arts. 


Enter this voyage by reading about an Italian American Chef's fantastic journey and adventures.

The Adventures of an Italian American Chef: A Memoir with Recipes

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  • The only thing Chef Richard Spoon loves as much as cooking is…cooking! Dive into this extraordinary memoir of Chef Richard Spoon as he openly shares his quest of culinary travels. From California to Trinidad and the Caribbean, The Adventures of an Italian American Chef: A Memoir, chronicles the unpredictable journey of America's boldest and bravest chef.


    You will find much to love in this classic culinary and travel memoir.

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