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Andrew J. DuBRIN, Ph.D. is a Professor Emeritus of Management in the Saunders College of Business at the Rochester Institute of Technology, where he has taught courses and conducted research in management, organizational behavior, leadership, and career management. He received his Ph.D. in Industrial Psychology from Michigan State University.  Dr. DuBRIN is an established author of textbooks, scholarly books, and trade books, and he also contributes to professional journals, and online media. His trade books cover many management issues, including charisma, team play, office politics, overcoming career self-sabotage, coaching and mentoring.

Self-Discipline: Key to Career & Personal Success

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  •      Self-Discipline: The Key to Career and Personal Success by Andrew J. DuBRIN, Ph.D. deals directly with a major challenge facing everyone who wants to attain more goals, be more productive, and achieve personal satisfaction more consistently. The book describes relevant research and opinion about the various aspects of self-discipline; yet equally important, each chapter contains suggestions for enhancing self-discipline, including focus and concentration. Without a high degree of self-discipline, very few people can achieve the goals they think are important.

         Explore Self-Discipline: The Key to Career and Personal Success with Dr. DuBRIN, as each chapter refers to the ability to work systematically and progressively toward a goal until it is achieved.  A self-disciplined person doesn’t lead a life of self-sacrifice, abstention from pleasure or continuous self-punishment.  Instead, he or she experiences joy exhilaration, and the contentment that stems from achieving worthwhile goals.

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