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Bianca Simone has been writing most of her life. She is an avid reader and loves dance and music. Bianca was born and raised in New York.  She grew up attending art shows, dance theater and grew up when hip hop began. Miss Simone has a son who she says is her inspiration. Bianca’s son is also artistic. He plays piano and wants to be an actor. Bianca says as an only child, she learned to entertain herself. She used to write plays and short stories for her friends. She also used writing to heal from school bullying and the trials of growing up. Bianca used to dance and model in a group called Profile during her college years.  She had a poem published in Jamaica W.I. and modeled in Grand Cayman.  She also freelanced for a few papers in New York and Florida. It has always been her dream to publish several books and this book is her first with more to come.

My Inner Voice

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  • Journey with the author as she shares...My Inner Voice - things I wish I had said. These poems discuss cheating, heart break, parenthood and the things we all experience in life. Women are taught to be ladies and not make waves. I grew up wanting to be liked by everyone, a people pleaser. These are the things I should have said. Words I kept locked inside. Welcome to the real me and my inner voice. 

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