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Olga Savelyeva was born in January 1980 in Smolensk, a city in the west of Russia. Her parents were both teachers of history, and it happened so that she became a teacher as well. She studied English and German at the local Pedagogical University, and became a teacher of foreign languages. Olga used to work at the school for some years until she started teaching at the University, where her focus on methods of teaching English and on history of Great Britain.


At a young age, Olga discovered that she could write poems and people took some interest in her compositions. She published short poems in some Russian magazines and collected volumes.


It was not long ago though that she made her first attempt to write something noticeable in English. Olga's first English-speaking work was published in 2015, and it was “Genesis in Verse”, a poetic version of the first book of the Old Testament. While writing it, she discovered a fascinating world of the history of the Christian religion. Her growing interest in it turned into another book of hers, called “Once Before the Flood”. Olga's present book was inspired by awe and respect for medieval Russian saints, who sacrificed their lives for the sake of serving God and teaching people the dogmas of Christianity.

Men of God: Russia’s Holy History In Verse

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  • This book is a poetical description of concise biographies of ancient Russian saints, who actively participated in establishing and promoting Christianity in Russia to serve God and spread the glory of Him.  Each chapter is devoted to an outstanding personality, who struggled heroically against paganism, vice or antipathetic society. Among the saints mentioned are Saint Basil, whose cathedral is one of the most recognized sights of Moscow, and emperor Alexander I, whose mysterious death is full of legends.

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