Sandra R. Crosby-Pinckney is a Harrisburg, Pennsylvania native. Sandra is a proud wife, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, the family matriarch, historian, organizer, community, and church servant. In affiliation with her church, Sandra founded a service organization, “We Care Ministries.”


Sandra has extensive experience related to life-documentation, estate planning, and pre-funeral arrangements. Sandra has personally facilitated care coordination and end-of-life planning for her loved ones, church family, and community members. In the spirit of each-one-teach one, Sandra organized her experiences to create “Let’s Talk Now to Avoid Conflict Later - A User-Friendly Estate Planning Guide from Birth-to-Death.”

Let's Talk Now To Avoid Conflict Later

  • "Let's Talk Now to Avoid Conflict Later" An estate planning workbook designed to encourage and guide those in organizing their personal business while writing their life's history simultaneously.