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Nicole Clark-Bey is a Mentor and Education Coach, where she compassionately advocates for young children, as well as empowers staff and families.


Nicole earned a Bachelor’s degree and Prek-3 rd grade teaching certification with a Minor in Psychology with an emphasis on Counseling from Carlow University. She also earned a Master’s degree in Early Intervention with a specialization in Autism from the University of Pittsburgh.


A lifelong resident of Pittsburgh, Nicole has worked in the Early Childhood field for over 25 years. She finds her “peace” when spending time with family and friends, taking Zumba classes, and gardening. She enjoys learning from others just as much as teaching and empowering others.  Nicole is a strong proponent of self-awareness, self-care, and self-empowerment. A firm believer in the concept, that the Nurturer needs to be Nurtured.


Fun fact: Nicole was incredibly involved with her school district's Social Emotional Learning Cohort where she created and trained staff on self care and developed “The Peace Plan” which is a tool to support individuals to check their own self-care routines. She also created and co-facilitated professional development on Culturally Responsive Pedagogy. “Unintentionally”, she had the wonderful opportunity to write a children’s book entitled "Just Music and Me" and have it published.

Just Music and Me

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  • What does it mean to be different? What do you do when no one likes you when you are different? Do you change or continue to be yourself? This is a story about a little boy who loves being different. He incorporates sound in his environment and shares his compassion for music. It also shows that with perseverance and remaining true to self, you can accomplish anything and earn the respect of others.

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