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Pike Bennett is a husband, father, grandpa, and native Floridian who hopes to become a well-known author. He's presently working on a sequel to his second book, "Finding Home".

Finding Home

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  • Meet Jack, a vibrant young man who yearns for a fresh start beyond the confines of the bustling inner city. In his quest for a better life, Jack embarks on a transformative journey that unveils an extraordinary talent within him. 


    Along this path, he also encounters the enchanting Jenny, who becomes the embodiment of his deepest affections. Together, their passion for the natural world and affinity for animals propel them forward, unveiling a realm of possibilities that surpass even Jack's wildest dreams. 


    With nature as their guiding force, and Jenny as his eternal muse, Jack relentlessly pursues his new destiny, determined to carve out a place he can truly call home.

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