Ms. Weaver was born 71 years ago in Reidsville, NC.  At the tender age of 3, her family relocated to Steelton, PA.  At an early age of preadolescence, Ms. Weaver fell into a life of alcohol and drugs due to a series of painful events that were forced upon her pubescent being.  On 8/18/1990, she is exuberant of a powerful testimony.  Married at an early age, Ms. Weaver bore three wonderful, loving sons, Kenneth, Nathaniel, and John.  From there, she assisted in starting two halfway houses for men and women that were addicted to drugs and alcohol that are still in existence.  She is a certified, ordained Chaplain that God uses to minister to others.  

Endless Hope


    This book is a mixture of poems written out of the life of someone that shares her powerful testimony of living a life of hell as a child, unbeknownst to her mother, that no child should have to endure to adulthood. Drugs and alcohol were her outlet until Jesus delivered her.  Ms. Weaver has a host of poems that you will enjoy of recovery, thought provoking poetry that she hopes will inspire, uplift and encourage.  She prays you enjoy the buffet of written words she has prepared for you. 

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