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Elva "Precious Love" Thompson, a Pennsylvania native that holds Bachelor Degrees in English and Business Management with an Associate's Degree in Medical Editing and birthed her own limited liability company, Georgia Editing Service, LLC since 1997, Owner / Publisher of Esquire Publications, LLC and President / Founder of a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Precious Hearts Foundation, Inc. that aid victims of domestic abuse.   Elva Thompson is also an author of a slew of nonfiction novels.  Her current best seller is "A Mother's Cry" an inspirational story about her life as a survivor that talks about her struggle and ordeal of living with domestic violence and how she was able to set herself free physically, mentally, and emotionally.  Elva aspires to offer solidarity and hope to others through Christianity.

Battered Secrets

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  • Battered Secrets is a collection of amazingly true stories about men who are and have been victims of domestic violence and abuse from their spouses, lovers, friends, and family members.

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