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Born in Harrisburg, PA, 103rd District State Representative Candidate, Kevin Maxson's humble beginnings gave him the fortitude to persevere through adversity. He self educated outside of public schools to further digest the world around him.


Kevin was an amateur boxer that now mentors inner city youth in hopes of preserving life and freedom. He is the creator of a grassroots Prison Reform movement, "Voices 4 The Voiceless" to combat oppressive brutalities in the Dauphin County Prison System. Kevin is the owner of Maxson Remodeling, a renovation company and he enjoys the arts of poetry, painting and literature. 

A Poet's Cry: The Pariah Project

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Journey with Kevin Maxson as he takes you on a high in this uncompromised narrative that meditates on love, family, and relationships through the art of his spoken words.

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